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Addiction / Rehabilitation Marketing Services

Are you an addiction treatment center delivering patient care through a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP)?

Alexa Media Solutions has a long history of working with 15+ addiction / rehabilitation clients, offering comprehensive and targeted marketing strategies. This dedication allows you to fully concentrate on your core services, confidently knowing your search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising needs are expertly handled.

Addiction Treatment Marketing - expand your reach

With previous experience in addiction treatment marketing, Alexa Media Solutions will expand your drug treatment center outreach, enhance your digital presence, and increase advertising. Our aim is to offer treatment centers a sustainable marketing solution, complemented by strategies designed for rapid and tangible outcomes.

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Select Clientele Stories

Minneapolis, MN based CREATE offers substance use disorder assessment, outpatient treatment and education programs.

  • Goal completions up 200% year over year 2002 vs 2001
  • Went from 1 top ten keyword to 10 top ten keywords
  • 13% growth on keywords

Praesum Healthcare operates health care and addiction treatment facilities in 32 locations.

  • 46% increase in search engine visibility
  • 24% increase in conversions
  • 93% increase in impressions

With 11 locations throughout the East Coast, Sunrise Detox offers custom-tailored inpatient detox services.

  • Conversion rate of 7.95%
  • 31% increase in visibility on Google
  • 44% visibility in all search engines

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Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Optimization

A digital marketing strategy for addiction treatment centers begins with optimizing for search engines, ensuring that the facility appears at the top of search results for those inquiring about recovery options. Targeted rehab marketing services help these centers sharpen their online marketing tactics, from content creation to managing ad campaigns, with the aim of improving search engine results and driving conversions. Drug & Alcohol rehab centers have also found significant value in tailoring their marketing strategies to include video marketing and email marketing to engage potential clients with compelling content and follow-up communication services.

In the competitive landscape of the addiction treatment industry, a custom designed rehab marketing strategy is critical for any drug treatment center to successfully reach those seeking addiction treatment. Today, a drug treatment center must integrate substance abuse treatment with the promotion of mental health services, often in compliance with the Mental Health Services Administration guidelines. Treatment centers must navigate the nuances of substance abuse treatment while also effectively positioning their mental health services.

Addiction treatment marketing efforts include a mix of digital marketing, social media marketing, online reviews, and word of mouth marketing to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. Centers are increasingly leveraging social media sites to connect with their audience, sharing success stories and information that could sway the decision of a family member or individual in need of substance abuse or mental health services.

Addiction Treatment Centers Save Lives -
Targeted marketing helps them find you.

By maintaining a strong digital presence, addiction treatment marketing allows those who are seeking help discover treatment facilities and can potentially help save them from a life-threatening condition with appropriate substance abuse treatment. 

Through an online presence, treatment centers can effectively raise awareness about addiction, de-stigmatize seeking help, and provide accessible information about their services. Additionally, targeted digital drug rehab marketing strategies enable these facilities to engage with potential clients and referring professionals, creating a pathway for people seeking treatment to qualified addiction treatment centers.