How Can On-Site Blog Posts Help With SEO?

This is a blog post. About blog posts! In your efforts to improve your website’s rankings on Google search results, blog posts can really make the difference! Blog posts can serve as a great opportunity to inject content for a certain keyword you want to rank high for without changing the content on your main […]

AMS Tips For Optimizing Your GMB Profile

At any given moment of the day, a future customer of yours could be taking to Google to find your products or services, or to find your business! When they hit their enter key or the search button, what should be the first thing they see? They should instantly see how amazing your business is […]

Content Ideas For Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign

You created a business profile on Instagram. You made a YouTube channel. You signed up for Twitter (X). You have a general gameplan for how much traction you want to see from your social media efforts in the next year. But what are you going to post? Sometimes the biggest hurdle in running a successful […]

3 Signs That it May Be Time to Invest in Brand Development Services

Brand development as a concept can be a broad and a difficult one to grasp for many business owners all over the United States. Perhaps you are a brand new business owner who has the framework laid for their brand, but you’re unsure how to create the final touches that make it ready for broadcasting […]

How Can You Find Success in a PPC Campaign?

Business owners who strive to increase leads and generate more business for their brand will often times start a PPC campaign as a more direct way of getting their offerings in front of the eyes of consumer. Here at Alexa Media Solutions, a full service digital marketing agency that has a specialized background in successful […]

Kick The New Year Off Strong With a Website Revamp!

The ball has dropped and 2024 is upon us! As a business owner, you might be taking some extra time to make changes in your digital marketing efforts to ensure you are attacking the new year from the right angles. Whether you’re creating new social media profiles to increase your presence online, or investing in […]

December Is The Best Month To Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

December is the best month for a digital marketing revamp

For many business owners around the United States, December can often times feel like an “slow month” in terms of incoming business and staying busy. Here at Alexa Media Solutions, we believe that December is the perfect month to take a dive into your current digital marketing systems and develop a new plan for your […]

3 Social Media Marketing Trends You Can Implement For Your Business Heading Into 2024

social media icons

Since social media marketing became a popular and widely utilized marketing strategy for businesses, trends and methods behind social media continue to change year to year! In 2023, there were numerous social media marketing strategies and trends that emerged, which allowed businesses and companies all over the U.S. to leverage a wide variety of platforms […]