It’s All About Keywords!

For business owners everywhere, tackling search engine optimization for their business’s website can be a daunting task! With the slew of SEO tips and tricks out there, it can be a confusing process getting your website to rank at the top of Google Search results. Here at Alexa Media Solutions, our search engine optimization experts […]

How Can GMB Posts Increase Interaction Across Your Google Business Profile?

If you are a business owner utilizing social media channels for your digital marketing efforts, you’re likely making a series of posts every single week that promote a small part of your business. While you post them across the mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X), your Google My Business profile could […]

3 AMS Tips For Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Your reputation as a business goes a long way in the success of your digital outreach and marketing efforts! As a business owner or marketing manager, your online reputation management (ORM) is extremely important, even though it may not be at the top of your list of priorities. At its core, online reputation management is […]

How Important Is Your Website’s Color Scheme?

When creating a new website for your business, there is a world of factors that play a big role in how well that site attracts visitors and keeps them engaged when clicked on! One of the most personalized and intricate factors that should be considered when developing your website is it’s color scheme. Most business […]

What is Geotargeting in Advertising and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

In digital marketing and digital advertising, the name of the game is getting the right information in front of the right people over the internet! Leading people to your business should be every business owner’s primary strategy and one of the best ways to execute this is with geotargeting! By definition, geotargeting is type of […]

Beware of Spam Email Scammers – Especially from Lawyers!

In 2024, businesses all over the United States have been prone to receiving scam spam emails more than ever before. These scam spam emails can oftentimes be easy to identify and delete, but some are crafted more carefully and in a more disguised manner to trick business owners into interacting with them.  This week, an […]

5 AMS Tips For Optimizing Your Website’s Homepage

optimize website homepage

As we like to say here at Alexa Media Solutions, your website is the digital face of your business or brand! When potential clients and customers take to Google to find goods and services they may need, you want to ensure that your website attracts them and keeps them there when they click onto it! […]

What is Search Engine Indexing And How Does it Impact SEO?

seo efforts graphic

For anyone who owns and runs a website, it’s essential that the site is getting seen by consumers searching for your products and services on Google! There is an incredibly wide array of search engine optimization techniques available to help with these efforts, with some being more complex than others. One of the more complex […]