3 Tips for Adding Professionalism, Authenticity, and Legitimacy To Your Business’s Website

When consumers are surfing the web for a certain product or service, they likely going to need to choose between multiple local companies/businesses that supply it. As they are choosing between these companies, you can gain a major leg up on your competition by just simply having a better website compared to the others that the consumer may be viewing! Many consumers will choose to go with a certain business if they have a more user friendly website, or simply just a better looking site to begin with! In this blog, we will review some of the ways that you can enhance and elevate your website to a level of professionalism, authenticity, and legitimacy, where users will fall in love with your site!

Professional and Authentic Imaging

Having professional-looking photos on your website goes a long way in conveying professionalism, authenticity and legitimacy. Uploading your own, authentic photos lets the user know that they are dealing with a real business that is displaying their previous success on their digital platforms. It can be pretty evident when a business owner doesn’t put a ton of effort into their site when generic stock images are used instead of genuine pictures from your business. Try to keep your image sizing consistent and organize them in a way that doesn’t take away from the written content on your site.

Keep Your Design Simple & Clean

A well-organized website helps to establish authority and trust with customers and potential partners. Stick to simple colors, fonts, and layouts that are easy to navigate and don’t overwhelm the visitor with too many elements at once. This makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need quickly which makes them more likely to stick around longer. Organized pages and tabs help ensure that a visitor to your site can access information on the need they have in a couple of clicks. Retain higher visitation times by just organizing your information better! Website design can go a long way for the success of your business.

Maintain Accurate Information and Live Updates

Providing accurate and up-to-date information about your business is essential for establishing credibility. Keep your “About Us” page updated with any changes in team members or roles, as well as provide detailed descriptions of services/products you offer. Adding customer testimonials and reviews to product/service pages will also help visitors trust that you are a legitimate business. Additionally, be sure to include contact information on every page of your website so visitors can reach out with any questions they may have.

Now that you know how to enhance the appearance of your business through your website, go out there and start connecting with your website’s visitors more!